• Hellhounds


    Alex Mistretta
    Bungay was, and is, a quiet town just twenty miles from the sea. Located in Suffolk county in Eastern England; it has a relatively small population of less than 5000. A 5000 that all know the story of the Black Shuck, and some that have even seen it.
    August 4, 1577 was a strange day in Bungay. A violent thunderstorm was raging, with rain, hail and a heavy darkness. It was a Sunday and people were attending the church of St. Mary’s, with some trepidation I suppose, in light of the weather. Read More

  • The Weight of the Soul

    The Weight of the Soul

    There might be a way to actually film the after life, and let me tell you why. 2.5 ounces is the weight discrepancy noted during several unrelated experiments on the Out of Body Experience(OOBE). In other words the physical body weighed during an Out of Body Experience is 2.5 ounces lighter, implying the loss of mass. Further experimentation in both Remote Viewing and in OOBE research have detected anomalous lights, present at the location viewed or visited by either the remote viewer or the OOBE experiencer. Read More



    RUSSIAN SNOWMAN (or guy in a hoodie)
    In the previous article, about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, I commented on the fact that the Russian “Yeti” had nothing to do whatsoever with this case. I stand by that stance 100%, but that does not negate the existence of such a creature in Russia and central Asia. In fact the evidence for the Russian Snowman called the Almasty is quite strong. Read More

  • The Dyatlov Event

    The Dyatlov Event

    In 1970, a picture was taken of a typical round UFO near Kholat Syakhel, a mountain in the Urals of Russia. There was nothing remarkable about the picture from a Ufology standpoint. Yes, it was a clear good photograph, but we have so many of those But, it was taken in an area rich in UFO lore, and more importantly, Kholet Syakhel is where a most unusual event took place eleven years earlier. An event which resulted in multiple deaths, and an event the police said was due to the “invincible force of nature”. Read More

  • Skinwalker


    I don’t really have much of a go to bed routine, I pretty much fall asleep watching television, reading, drinking Vanilla Coke. At some point in the night I wake up to turn off the lights and/or television, but not always, and appropriately go back to sleep. This particular night, a blackout woke me up, as the lights and television abruptly turned themselves off at about 3 AM.  This occasionally happen in Los Angeles, so I thought nothing more of it. Read More