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    In the early days of missionary work in central Africa, the unexpected was a daily occurrence. After all, this was a very hostile continent, with very little of the comforts enjoyed in Europe. The most unexpected were these animals described as half dragon and half elephant by the missionaries. Read More



    Francesco Antonio Pigafetta was Magellan’s official chronicler, and his writing used in academia the world over. But not all of his writing, because as standard protocol dictates in historical research, choices are made as to what constitute accepted reality; and Pigafetta’s tales of encounters with Giants did not constitute reality as we know it. As to not make academia uncomfortable, the parts of his writing that dealt with the Patagonian Giants have been forgotten. Read More

  • The Cave

    The Cave

    Site N-4 was the official Saudi name for a missile site that was built in the middle of the Arabian desert. At around noon, on a day like any other, a Filipino worker took his lunch break from working on clearing the summit for the installment of radar arrays. On this day, he never returned from his break.
    The Saudi security team was concerned. This is the Kingdom and this is a top secret installation, and he could have been an Israeli spy. Or simply, he may have just fallen over the side of the mountain. Read More

  • The Cave. (More photographs)

    The Cave. (More photographs)

    To go along with my previous post and up coming article on The Cave of Jabal Al Lawz. The first picture (above) is the actual Cave, not the other cave that I put up last time. This is the cave that when the mountain was under construction by the Saudis as a missile site, called N-4, one of the workers went missing for 24 hours. He claimed that he was held in the Cave by a presence, and heard music. The other 3 pics are of archeological remains at the base of the mountain. Read More

  • The Cave (Pictures)

    The Cave (Pictures)

    jabal Al Lawz, could be the best story you haven’t heard. Some years ago I heard of a cave on a mountain deep inside the Kingdom with a very intense paranormal reputation. It was on a mountain called Jabal Al Lawz, which was (is ?) a military installation, but also, perhaps, the real location of Mount Sinai. I’ll have an article on this on my website in the next week. In the meantime, picture 1 is of a cave on the mountain. This might be the cave in question, but I’m not sure. Read More

  • Giants Part II

    Giants Part II

    Here is a story that for whatever reason seem to not have gotten the attention it deserves. Bones were found in Georgia (Europe) in 2008 that were indicative of giants between 8 to 10 feet tall. This is official, analyzed by anthropologist and scientists, including paleontologist A Vekua who discovered Homo erectus georgicus. He declared them real. Since then, Vekua has passed away, the museum has lost the bones, and digging at the site where the bones were found has so far been refused to subsequent researchers and scientists. Read More

  • Malibu UFO pics.

    Malibu UFO pics.

    Read More



    Maryland isn’t the kind of state that you would think could harbor any kind of mysterious creatures, and the Washington Post isn’t usually a source of mysterious creature reports. But, in 1976, the Post published an article about crabber Tom Sobotka and a place called Poole Island.
    Tom Sobotka applied his trade around Pool Island near Whitemarsh, where between 1973 and 1976 repeated sightings of what was described as a Bigfoot like creature frustrated the local authorities. Read More

  • Snake


    Colonel Percy Fawcett, officer of the Royal Engineers in the British Army, is famous for his mysterious disappearance in the jungles of South America while attempting to locate the lost city of Z. Before all that, Fawcett was in charge of delineating the borders between Brazil, Peru and Bolivia; and in 1907, Fawcett shot a 60 foot snake in Brazil’s Rio Abuna river. Locals call this animal Sucuriju Gigante
    The accepted maximal length for a modern anaconda is 28 feet and for a python is 33 feet. Read More



    There is no arguing that this a real body, x rays confirmed that. The problem is that Pedro is only 14 inches tall. Pedro was discovered in 1932 by two gold prospectors blasting in the San Pedro mountains of Wyoming. He was so well preserved that he still had his fingernails. Subsequent analysis and x rays determine that Pedro had several broken bones and had suffered some type of head trauma. The later is what accounts for the flattened head and bulging eyes. Read More